Who we are

Stock Solutions is a collaboration between FMCG executives, collectively sharing over 30 years experience in the planning and stock control for numerous major brand owners. Stock Solutions have extensive experience in the discount retail environment, with established relationships with small to large retail customers throughout Australia, and many international markets.

Our sole focus is to develop systems and strategies which offer brand owners, manufacturers, and a stock buyer an economically viable, ethical and safe sales route for the responsible redistribution of obsolete and surplus stock and excess stock going to our stock buyers.

Entrusting Stock Solutions with your products, you will see no unwanted stock but benefits only. Whether you have bankrupt stock or just too many store collection, we at Stock Solutions can help you with your inventory while also providing you with the storage space that you need for your future inventory. Stock buyers are always on the look out for great deals which is why getting rid of any of your excess stock won’t become an issue with Stock Solutions. Some stock buyer make bulk orders of excess stock and bankrupt stock from different business

Our Expertise

Stock solutions can quickly and efficiently turn your negative situation into a positive, for a number of reasons. Firstly by selling your products to stock buyers via Stock Solutions, you will not only receive a financial benefit, you will also avoid the heavy costs associated with dumping, plus you will free up expensive floor space and avoid the high costs of storage. Furthermore your products will reach a totally new and unexposed market, thus increasing your company’s reach – without the immense costs. You will also avoid the risk of harming your valuable pricing and marketing strategies to your traditional customers. This option has the benefit of not allowing older products to hinder the expensive advertising, marketing and promotion of newer lines. Stock Solutions is dedicated to finding solutions to your Stock issues. We cater to almost every location in the world and not just Australia and Europe. We make sure that every stock location that we have will provide you with utmost service especially when it comes to your stock problem. Stock clearance world can benefit from all our stock buyer because of huge orders from select purchasing division.


Our Mission

At Stock Solutions, we help supplies free their warehouse spaces from returns and overstock items efficiently and fast. This will help you create extra revenue by getting rid of all your excess stock. We want retailers to purchase returns and overstock at a discounted price from its actual trade cost. This will highly increase the profit line of every business and retail. We also make sure that we offer competitive price range for every inventory that we handle, be it food stock or or other material items that are under your account or company. All your surplus stock and stock clearance will be taken care of by our company.

Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, Stock Solutions is highly committed with integrity and honesty in assisting you in moving your business forward. We have both personal and unique solutions that will match your needs to help with liquidated stock clearance house. We create a friendly business relationships while also making sure that your stocks will reach every buyer, broker, and other type of businesses and customers from all over the world.