Stock Solutions Australia

    Stock Solutions is a collaboration of experienced FMCG executives, collectively sharing over 30 years experience in the planning and stock control for numerous major brand owners. Stock Solutions have extensive experience in the discount retail environment, with established relationships with small to large retail customers throughout Australia, and many international markets.

    Our Services

    Surplus Stock


    We will buy your surplus stock and find a suitable buyer

    Excess Inventory

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    If you have excess inventory, don’t let it sit in the warehouse. Talk to stock solutions now who can help sell your stock

    Residual Packaging

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    We can resell your unwanted packaging provided that it is in good order. You never know someone may want excess packaging

    Spare Production Capacity

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    Do you have spare production capacity Let us help you get the best return on your machinery and production lines.

    Discontinued Lines

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    If you have excess inventory, don’t let it sit in the warehouse. Talk to stock solutions now who can help sell your stock

    Redundant Brands

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    We can resell your unwanted packaging provided that it is in good order. You never know someone may want excess packaging

    Surplus Stock Buyers

    The need for management to clear excess inventory from the supply chain quickly and efficiently is an economic imperative in today’s environment of expensive dumping and crippling logistical costs. Stock Solutions provides an increasingly important service for our suppliers who are under pressure to reduce supply chain costs. Efficient no hassle services for Accountant’s, Liquidators and Administrators. Cash paid for liquidated stock, all logistics arranged for prompt disposal.

    Packings of beer on a tape of the conveyor
    Packings of beer on a tape of the conveyor

    Brands we work with

    We work with many different brands and can offer great premium brands. If you are looking to complement your range with branded, fast moving, everyday products, Stock Solutions will provide you with an uncomplicated efficient service. Due to our first class logistics partners, Stock solutions are able to ship small quantity orders as well as large volume orders.

    Our Service Area

    We offer stock solutions around all of Australia, we can also provide stock advice to anyone anywhere.

    Our vision


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    We have the foresight of over 20 years of experience in buying and selling large amounts of stock


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    We are a market leader in inventory management ans can provide advice on what stock to keep and what stock to sell


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    We want to grow with you, we can see the power in great value stock decidions. Connect with us today to scale your business.


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    Help us help you be successful, let us help you buy or sell stock the get the most success out of your business

    Australian Inventory Management

    If you are a business who is located in Brisbane and require assistance with stock management, Stock Solutions is here to help. With over 30 years of experience in the stock buying and selling industry, we have gained a deep understanding of effective inventory management and have implemented numerous stock management strategies for businesses all over Australia. Our experienced team of brokers have spent decades understanding the market for various different products and have worked with everything from non-perishable food items through to clothing items, our team has seen it all.

    Reverse Logistics Management

    Stock Solutions have extensive experience in the discount retail environment, with established relationships with small to large retail customers throughout Australia, and many international markets. We have extensive experience working with businesses to sell their surplus stock, by connecting a buyer and seller and helping to create a deal at a price that works for both parties.

    Our sole focus is to develop systems and strategies which offer brand owners, manufacturers, and stock buyers an economically viable, ethical and safe sales route for the responsible redistribution of obsolete, surplus stock and excess stock.

    Why Stock Solutions?

    Entrusting Stock Solutions with your products, you will see no unwanted stock and many benefits. Whether you have bankrupt stock or just too many store collections, we at Stock Solutions can help you with your inventory while also providing you with the storage space that you need for your future inventory. Stock buyers are always on the lookout for great deals which is why getting rid of any of your excess stock won’t become an issue for Stock Solutions. Some stock buyers will also make bulk orders of excess stock and bankrupt stock from different business.

    Our Stock Buying and Selling Experience

    Stock solutions has extensive experience in stock management and can quickly and efficiently turn any excess stock situation, which could result in massive losses for your business, into a positive as you are able to offload your stock to another business which is willing to pay only a slightly discounted fee.

    By working with Stock Solutions to manage your excess stock, our stock buyers will work with you to find the best retail partner for your business, resulting in a financial gain for your company. Furthermore, your products will reach a totally new and unexposed market, thus increasing your company’s reach – without the immense costs. You will also avoid the risk of harming your valuable pricing and marketing strategies to your traditional customers.

    Excess stock can be costly for numerous reasons, however, one of the most common is the amount of floor space it can take up inside your office or warehouse, meaning you are unable to move in new stock, which may be more profitable.

    Another issue that can occur when you are in possession of excess stock is not having the ability to market it to the large audience you may require to move the stock.

    We cater to almost every location in the world and not just Australia. We make sure that every stock location that we have will provide you with the utmost service especially when it comes to your stock problem. Stock clearance world can benefit from all our stock buyer because of huge orders from select purchasing division.

    Stock Solution Australia

    At Stock Solutions, we help supplies free their warehouse spaces from returns and overstock items efficiently and fast. This will help you create extra revenue by getting rid of all your excess stock. We want retailers to purchase returns and overstock at a discounted price from its actual trade cost. This will highly increase the profit line of every business and retail.

    We also make sure that we offer a competitive price range for every inventory that we handle, be it food stock or other material items that are under your account or company. All your surplus stock and stock clearance will be taken care of by our company.

    Stock Solutions Values

    Whether you are a supplier or a buyer, Stock Solutions is highly committed with integrity and honesty in assisting you in moving your business forward. We have both personal and unique solutions that will match your needs to help with liquidated stock clearance house.

    We create friendly business relationships while also making sure that your stocks will reach every buyer, broker, and other types of businesses and customers from all over the world.

    Marketing Mail Partners

    Stock Solutions have reliable marketing mail partners that will help you contact businesses for campaigns to make it easier for you. Our marketing mail partners will include better value and excellent customer service to improve the business relationship between sellers and buyers. Stock Solutions wants things to be easier for retailers and stock buyers itself as this will help sell overstock items from your warehouses.

    We also make sure to send out promotional information via social media to ensure that your stock collection will reach a wide array of buyers and other businesses.

    Stock Solutions Clients

    We can confidently say that our clients are happy with our services because we provide utmost care with almost everything in your clearance stock. We also treat everything highly confidential and with discretion to protect the majority of valued brands.

    With the demand on stock solutions business, it’s not surprising that more businesses are also getting rid of some of their asset to have plenty of storage space for future inventory. If you are a client that is outside Australia and Europe, settling your payment after a deal is easy as it can be done through clearance trade or bank after the transaction.

    Once payment and order are confirmed, you can make any changes for a certain period of time before it gets to your point of destination. Stock buyers of businesses with excess stock will require stock clearance in order for their items to be delivered whatever type of items that may be. Every deal will be handled with the utmost care until your package arrives at your home. We at Stock Solutions make sure to provide you with a great experience when purchases excess stock from clearance stock and other surplus stock from select inventory.

    Australian Stock Sellers

    Our team will act as a broker between you and our retail partners to help you move excess stock, unwanted stock and clearance stock. We will send out an initial email to our network of buyers, to see if they’re interested in any of the unwanted stock we have on offer. Depending on what type of stock you need to sell, your broker will work with you to determine an appropriate time frame for the movement of your stocks, to ensure you get a good deal. We ensure that our market of buyers is trustworthy and offer excellent customer service, in order to ensure your inventory of products which they are selling are presented in a nice way, in order to preserve your brand identity.

    Australian Stock Buyer

    If you are looking for a Brisbane stock buyer, stock solutions have you covered. We have extensive experience helping businesses manage surplus stock and explain that it is a major asset to their business, especially when we can get such a good price. If you are wanting to get the best price for your excess stock and don’t want to be selling it off at clearance prices, our team will connect you with another buyer who is ready and willing to make a fair payment of your excess stock.

    Australian Stock Clearance

    If you want to get the best price for your clearance stock, our team of buyers will work within our network to find the best price for your excess stock. Because we have such strong relationships with both buyers and sellers, we are able to ensure your stock is going to a business that is going to offer it at a reasonable price to their customers, in order to ensure the preservation of your brand. When you open an account with us, either as a buyer or seller, we will work with you to determine the most convenient way for you to move unwanted stock and who your ideal target market is, before presenting you with a number of different options, so you can decide which deal you wish to go with.

    Email our team

    You may contact us through our phone or email, and our customer service will gladly provide you with the quote you need for your warehouse overstock. Both seller, retail business, company, and buyer can benefit from Stock Solutions, so give us a call today. If you’re looking for an experienced stock buyer, call our experienced team today.